Thursday, July 14, 2011


Last night was such a wonderful night. My boy and I got the keys to our new place and went out to a lovely meal, including wine tasting, to celebrate. When we arrived home I asked him to take a look at my blog because absolutely no photos were showing up in my posts. He is a Web Developer meaning he is usually able to figure out these glitches in a heartbeat. Sadly, this glitch was unable to be fixed and I was forced to delete around 25 posts from the past year. After shedding a few tears, with my head in a pillow, I realized there was nothing I could do. Life is far too amazing to dwell on the past. After all this I have decided to slowly rebuild my blog and posts. My photos for today are themed devastation, I'm sure you can guess why.

Warning: the reason I lost all my pictures was because when signing up for Google + (the latest social networking tool) I saw that all my blog photos were in an album. I really didn't want my social network world to be linked with my blogging life so I simply clicked the "remove photos from Google + album" this then deleted my all my blog photos from Blog Spot. 

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