Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Home... I love that word

I am finally home after being on the east coast for 12 long days, Hurricane and all . I saw this poster today while searching for some fun vintage posters to hang in my my house. It immediately brought a smile to my face and reminded me how much I love this great city I live in.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Favorite of the Week: The Work of Emma Robertson

I have been searching for unique and out of the ordinary ideas for my own business cards and last night I stumbled upon Emma Robertson's online portfolio and literally spent a hour drooling over her beautiful work. She uses rubber stamps in a lot of her projects which I absolutely adore. You much check out her adorable blog and all her projects for yourself.

Emma's own Personal Branding. Love love love

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Calm Before the Storm

I am currently in New York City. If you can believe that considering 370,000 people have been evacuated from Manhattan. The past two days have been unbelievably wonderful filled with happy hours with old friends, dancing with cab drivers and of course Hurricane Irene preparation. Here are just a handful of photos, mostly taken by J, lots and lots more to come.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Calm Water

This was such a magical day spent with J and his family at Harriman Reservoir in Vermont. The day was filled with swimming, a delicious bbq and of course a kayaking trip that just us two took alone. All of the photos above were taken by J's dad who is an excellent photographer.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Blurred World

My close friend Daniella has a knack for taking somewhat unusual yet wonderful blurred photos. She was recently in San Francisco for a visit and I don't think I ever saw her put the camera down. It's surprising at how lovely blurred, and sometimes messy, photos can turn out.

Walking home from dinner

I'm so glad she captured this moment of me and my love
And here is a photo I captured of the lovely Daniella (all other photos in this post were taken by her) ...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bridge of Flowers

Hello world. I am posting from the quaint town of Heath, Massachusetts. Today was a lovely day filled with hikes and an adventure around the town of Shelburne Falls. My favorite part of the day was the Bridge of Flowers, located right in the middle of the town. The pictures above hopefully helps paint a picture for you to invision the bridge for yourself. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Jet Setting

New York High Line

Beautiful necklace at the MOMA

New York Public Library. Breathtaking 

As you know, I love street art

Adorable cafe. Sat here for a few hours writing and people watching. 
I am literally about to hop on a red eye flight to the East Coast right now. I absolutely love traveling and get such a thrill from all that it entails. This trip I am going to be going to a small town called Heath, in beautiful Massachusetts. My boyfriend's family has a home on a large piece of land of acreage in Heath, hence why we are going to such a small town and not one of the larger ones in MA. From there we are going to take a train to New York City where we will then frolic around with my best friend in the entire world for four days and then fly back to San Francisco from there. I'm so excited that I just looked back at all the pictures from my last trip to NYC. I apologize in advance for a lack of posts but I am bringing my lap top and all the goods so I can do some updates.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Plain and Simple

I will never see a billboard as lovely as a tree, unless the billboards fall, 
I might never see a tree at all. 

Both done by myself using Adobe Photoshop. The reason for two is that I couldn't decide which one I liked better. One of life's tiny dilemmas. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Outside Lands Music Festival 2011

What a weekend. Instead of blabbing on and on about the cloudless days, delicious treats and soothing sounds I will share the following pictures. However, not without naming my top five of the weekend (in no particular order, that would be far too difficult) ... The Roots, Sia, Foster the People, Phish and a random set I saw in the DJ ten on Sunday. It was a marvelous weekend to say the least.

Admiring the amazing work of art that I heard someone explain as "An Adults Tree House"
Human Wind Chime in the forest 
I always touch what I want to see

T Shirt: Junk Food, Necklace: Hand blown glass bead from Flagstaff, AZ. Headdress: DIY project I did. Sun Glasses: Bought at the festival. Messy Braid: My attempt at a Fish Tail Braid 

This is what I was holding up in the last photo. 

Moccasins Boots from BC Footwear wayyy long ago 

Had to stop at Wine Lands to get a tasting

All photos were taken by the man in my life and then edited by myself. He is quite the photographer isn't he? I always enjoy looking back at the pictures he captures in comparison to the ones that I take using the same camera. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Click Click

It was extremely necessary for me too add photographer Harper Smith to my Inspiration page. I absolutely love her work and wish I could see her creative mind in action. 

Summer Designs

I love all the prints and colors that explode when summer finally comes around (not that we really have much of a summer season up here in San Francisco). Here are some designs I've been working on lately and felt the need to share. Which one do you like?!

Tribal Embroidery Blouse  

Feathered Embroidery Blouse 

Oversized Tank Top with Lace Detail 
Coral Blouse with White Embroidery 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Wednesday Evening Ritual

Since moving to our new house two weeks ago I have done a large amount of exploring. Two great things that I have discovered:a lovely farmers market on Wednesday nights and food truck Thursdays where 15 delicious food trucks locate to a empty lot to serve hungry souls. This week I decided to venture to the farmers market. I love having fresh produce in my house at all times which is why I never say no when asked "do you want to go to the farmers market"? There is a good chance I will be attending this farmers market every Wednesday... it was that great!

These are so good that you can just pop them in your mouth like candy. 

Relaxing after a long day

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Favorite of the Week: Art Installations

One of my favorite aspects of music festivals are the jaw dropping art installations. They really make festivals that much better with a little added touch of uniqueness that you can't find anywhere else. I have been in love with Scott London's photography for a while now and his Burning Man photos are unbelievable. I have never attended a Burning Man, but hope to someday, and the art installations are one of the main reasons I would like to go.

On another note... tomorrow is Outside Lands and I can't wait to see all the art installations they have this year.

Here is one of the bands that I'm really looking forward to seeing: