Friday, August 19, 2011

Jet Setting

New York High Line

Beautiful necklace at the MOMA

New York Public Library. Breathtaking 

As you know, I love street art

Adorable cafe. Sat here for a few hours writing and people watching. 
I am literally about to hop on a red eye flight to the East Coast right now. I absolutely love traveling and get such a thrill from all that it entails. This trip I am going to be going to a small town called Heath, in beautiful Massachusetts. My boyfriend's family has a home on a large piece of land of acreage in Heath, hence why we are going to such a small town and not one of the larger ones in MA. From there we are going to take a train to New York City where we will then frolic around with my best friend in the entire world for four days and then fly back to San Francisco from there. I'm so excited that I just looked back at all the pictures from my last trip to NYC. I apologize in advance for a lack of posts but I am bringing my lap top and all the goods so I can do some updates.

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