Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Outside Lands Music Festival 2011

What a weekend. Instead of blabbing on and on about the cloudless days, delicious treats and soothing sounds I will share the following pictures. However, not without naming my top five of the weekend (in no particular order, that would be far too difficult) ... The Roots, Sia, Foster the People, Phish and a random set I saw in the DJ ten on Sunday. It was a marvelous weekend to say the least.

Admiring the amazing work of art that I heard someone explain as "An Adults Tree House"
Human Wind Chime in the forest 
I always touch what I want to see

T Shirt: Junk Food, Necklace: Hand blown glass bead from Flagstaff, AZ. Headdress: DIY project I did. Sun Glasses: Bought at the festival. Messy Braid: My attempt at a Fish Tail Braid 

This is what I was holding up in the last photo. 

Moccasins Boots from BC Footwear wayyy long ago 

Had to stop at Wine Lands to get a tasting

All photos were taken by the man in my life and then edited by myself. He is quite the photographer isn't he? I always enjoy looking back at the pictures he captures in comparison to the ones that I take using the same camera.