Monday, September 12, 2011

Art Walking

About a month ago I attended the day time Lower Haight Art Walk in San Francisco. It was awesome and completely filled with local artists and residents of Lower Haight. A great sight to see. The art in this particular art walk, compared to the many others that I have been too, is very out there and funky. One of my favorite stores is called "The Lower Haters". Part of the reason I love this particular shop on Haight Street so much is that they are not only a store filled with various merchandise but also a art gallery for featured artists that change every month or so. This art walk they had a wonderful jewelry collection that I just couldn't help to snap a few photos of.

This necklace had pieces from an old typewriter

The inside of a vintage clock is the main piece of this necklace but the crystals add a touch of elegance.
I'm all smiles at the art walk
Dress: ASOS  Tights: The Gap  Coat: Forever 21 Boots: Thrifted

All My life- DJ Harry

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