Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Club


Tonight is the night! The book club I created is finally coming together to have our first meeting. The club consists of 4 girls including myself; which is the perfect amount of people to start with in my opinion. The first book we have chosen is The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and let me tell you... It's amazing and I truly can't put it down once I find time to read it throughout my busy day. Our book club is not just going to be about books, questions and sharing in depth thoughts. We will also partake in lots of delicious food around the city, indulge in wine and tea, and talk about life in San Francisco which we are all somewhat new to. I'm feeling very inspired today and ready to start this new small chapter of my life. (pun intended)

This is one image I have envisioned for my book club
Although this is not exactly the case for my book club but I love this book bag!

Where it all starts

Oh the many kinds of books in the world

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If you have any questions on how I started my book club or are interested in joining our club feel free to contact me.
Have a wonderful day!

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