Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daily Dose of Vintage Tea Cups

love the gold leaf and bright pink flowers
pinky out was a must

I have been on a hunt for girly, floral and english inspired tea cups for a while now. This past weekend I hit the ultimate jackpot at two local sidewalk sales. Since I was forced to walk around with them the rest of the day {this is not a complaint, I was so happy to have them in my possession} they ended up being a great accessory for the park.


  1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love vintage floral tea cups! They are just beautiful! I would love a giant collection of them one day.
    Follow? :)

  2. I love tea cups too! When I was a little girl, my great-grandmother gave me a tea cup she'd had since she was a young girl. So special.

  3. I love these tea cups, I have a collection from my grandmothers and love them dearly. I should get them out more often but at the moment, I only get them out when friends come round.