Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life is a Great Adventure

photo taken in Hayes Valley, SF via instagram
Hi All. So you may, or may not, be wondering about my brief absence from my blog. I hate excuses so I'm not even going to make one. Truth is this past weekend I went to one of my favorite places on earth, Big Sur and more importantly this unimaginable cluster of houses that I always rent {as seen here, here and here}. While I was there I had a few days of total disconnect from technology. I began to think "do I really need these various forms of social media, electronics and gadgets in my daily life?" 

It's a tough subject seeing as how I love my blog and staying in touch with far off loved ones. So here is what I've decided: Less posting so that when I do post it's sentimental and has true meaning. There is no need for me to post every single day because I will admit there is a bit of pressure and there are times when I'm just trying to fill the void for that day. I really hope you will understand where I am coming from and continue to enjoy my blog as much as I do.

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