I am constantly on the move whether it be traveling, literally moving or taking day trips to new exciting places. This is where I will share my latest adventures with photos that I have personally taken along my journeys.

The Grand Del Mar. San Diego, CA. July 15- 17, 2011
Growing up in San Diego was beyond wonderful. I was constantly on the beach, swimming in the ocean and exploring all the locals only spots that were typically very hard to find. Since moving up to San Francisco I have not made it down to San Diego as much as I used to when I lived in LA. I received a wedding invitation in the mail a few months ago for a wedding in San Diego and immediately booked my plane ticket. The wedding was for Megan Sullivan and Sergio Delgato. The relation... Megan is my very best friend's sister. (Sarah, my best friend, is pictured here). I love weddings and the fact that we are all brought together to celebrate love. This wedding was at The Grand Del Mar and was seriously one of the most gorgeous weddings I've ever attended. I was lucky enough to stay at the Grand Del Mar most of the weekend and was blown away by the service and decor of the hotel. Lets just say I almost shed a tear as we drove away at the end of the weekend.

The Library

The interior of the wedding chapel 

Our "Best Friend Secret Tanning Spot", as we called it

Big Sur, California. June 17-19, 2011
Big Sur is one of my favorite places in the entire world. There is something so magical about the lush forests and hidden beaches. This trip I stayed at a Japanese inspired home one mile from Pfeiffer Beach; previous trips I have camped at one of the many campsites along the ocean. The trip was filled with many hikes, delicious homemade meals and pure relaxation.

 The exterior of the Japanese inspired home we stayed in

 The porch of the beautiful home we stayed in

 A beach wood fort

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco. June 11th, 2011
I had been wanting to adventure out to Alcatraz Island for a while now and when my mom came to town I jumped on the opportunity to do something touristy. I must admit I was expecting a spooky, erie feeling to the island. To my surpirse it was quite beautiful. I would highly suggest taking the time to go to the island next time you are in San Francisco. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.

 The Wardens house on the island. For clarification, it's no longer used.

Beautiful view of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge

Napa Valley. May 6th- 8th
Napa is hands down one of my favorite places to go when I want to escape the city for a bit. The lush rolling hills mixed with the beautiful vineyards makes it look like a whole new country. This trip was to celebrate my 22nd birthday, hence why I went the whole weekend. One of my favorite places to stop on the way into Napa is the Cornerstone Gardens. The gardens are filled with unique statues, exhibits and wonderful natural architecture. There are also great shops and a tasting room if you are looking to get your taste buds soaring. On this trip we also managed to fit in a hike and lots of fine dining. I would highly suggest making Napa on the top of your list of places to travel in the next year. 

Me writing a wish, a love wish to be exact.

 Proof that we really did wine taste

 These vibrant flowers were at almost every winery we went to. So pretty!

The quaint town of Sea Ranch in Northern California. December 27th- 30th
Every year, for at least 10 years, my boy friends family has rented a home in Sea Ranch, California. I jumped at the opportunity to go since I had heard so much about the beautiful coastal town. Sea Ranch is 2+ hours north of San Francisco and you drive along the ocean for more than half of the trip. We had many home cooked meals, went for nature walks and hung out by the fire place for many hours. It's quite chilly up there in the month of December. All the houses in Sea Ranch are a natural light wood and it's their cities law that all the homes must be this way. It's quite an amazing place.

 The tide pools

 My adventurous boy friend. Always climbing rocks, no matter the size.

 I called this my "mermaid chair"

 An example of the unique architecture that all the homes and business in Sea Ranch have.

The relaxing window bench in the living room of our house

Italy Trip. June 2009
I have been to Europe twice, each for three week periods. Italy is by far one of my favorite countries that I visited during both trips. This Italy trip I visited Venice, Florence and Rome. My favorite city was Florence and within that amazing city I loved the Baboli Gardens. I could have stayed there all day and taking pictures, napping under the trees and people watching. 

 I just had to take the typical Venice picture

 View from our hotel in Florence

 A new friend that joined us for lunch. 

 Cracked statue at the Boboli Gardens. 

A family friend lounging in a concret bath at the Boboli Gardens.